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Oh crystals, our tiny but wise earthly friends, here to bring balance and harmony. There are so many beauties that have amazing great qualities, and healing properties, which one do you choose from?

I felt this way when I first started my voyage working with them and I’ve created a list of 7 that I think are pretty integral for us all. Not only to benefit ourselves but, (I feel like I say this all the time) to help those around us too!

Please note that your intuition is your guide and if you’re shopping and another crystal calls to you, do you boo, grab it. When we deal with energy we must listen to our inner guide first.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz brings us compassion, kindness, and love!!! We know that the highest and purest vibration is L-O-V-E right? So when we are in the energy of love we also give off that same energy. Some like to say, that we emit the loving kindness vibe. Have you ever been around someone like this? Yeah, you don’t want to leave them right?

Rose quartz also helps to increase our tolerance and acceptance with the differences of others. Rose quartz is nurturing and loving. The cool thing about this stone is that it helps us accept these kinds of gifts from others. For instance, is it hard for you to receive gifts (love, nurture, care, physical gifts)? It is for me. So not only are you being surrounded by all these great energies, but also accept these types of offerings from others too.

Rose quartz helps us think through our hearts and be filled with peaceful loving solutions. So the next time you think Rose quartz is overrated mmmmm think again!


Amethyst is a stone of transformation, helping us to create our own reality, or shall I say, Amethyst helps us remember that we have the power too. Because this is a stone of transformation, Amethyst helps us also transmute challenging situations. It helps us to ward off nightmares and encourage sweet dreams and a restful sleep.

The beautiful purple crystal comes in many forms. As a druzy, with those tiny clusters of crystals formed on a stone/inside, and as a chevron Amethyst, with a white quartz in a V band throughout the crystal.

Amethyst is an important stone because it activates our Third Eye, helping us to better connect to our intuition.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is very powerful, as it deflects negative energy. When we are feeling scattered + off centered, this stone helps us focus, clears outdated repetitive thoughts, and don’t we all need that!

This nifty black stone helps draw out dark negative emotions that are holding us back. It helps one find the source of our emotional problem in order to heal drama/trauma.

Black tourmaline protects from EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) and helps draw out toxins. Umm need I say more?


Citrine, the majestic stone of prosperity, self-confidence, and joy. When we are confident in our actions, we can express ourselves without feeling ashamed or shy to display our gifts. With Citrine, we can feel safe to be powerful. When we are safe in our power, we experience joy. When fear and doubt rule our minds, we tend to be unhappy and upset. So to crank up your courage factor, grab a Citrine stone to help you honor and respect yourself, as we all are worthy of this.

With Citrine, prosperity is unlimited for all to have and experience, yet in the society we live in, we are made to believe the opposite. This stone helps you imbue this energy into your life knowing that there is an abundance for all.

Goodness multiplies, whatever we desire, imagine, and act upon, thus with conviction, it becomes reality.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a great stone to help motivate to do what needs to be done. It brings grounded and focused qualities, and the endurance necessary to complete projects.

Red Jasper brings vitality and vigor to life if feeling apathetic, unemotional, or spiritually deflated.

Due to its red-hot vibration, please avoid this stone when angry or irritated instead use it when blue (sad) or bored to help counteract the vibration of nonexistent spirituality.


Kyanite brings in balance, calming, and relaxing energy. This stone helps with sleep, and rejuvenates the body, mind, and soul.

Kyanite is good for manifesting and great when added with Selenite. This blue stone calms emotions such as anger, which is said to be related to inflammation in the physical body. Its blue energy brings peace and serenity.

Kyanite helps to align all the Chakras... pst we have more than 7!


Labradorite helps you understand the inner workings of your heart and how you relate to others. This stone assist in becoming aware of your heart and mind, becoming aware of the knowledge and wisdom we each hold within.

Labradorite is beneficial for seeing the bigger picture. This is a great stone to unveil your shadow aspects as well as helping you better see the relationship you have with yourself.

Physically this stone helps rebalance the distribution of chemicals in the brain.

I hope you enjoyed my list of my must have crystals! To be honest, it was quite hard creating such a short list. As always, work with the crystal that call to you and listen to your higher self.

500 Hour Yoga Certified Level 2 Reiki Certified Crystal Healer BA Child & Adolescent Development


Tania identifies as an Afro-Ecuadorian Latina, she grew up in the San Fernando Valley. When she was 16 years old Tania was in a tragic car accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Unfortunately, due to a lack of experience, guidance, and zero resources, Tania received minimal treatment post-accident. After many years of experiencing pain, anxiety, and depression Tania found hope in holistic healing. Through her healing journey, Tania discovered the amazing power of Reiki, healing with Crystals and releasing trauma through the practice of Yoga. Tania learned that each modality led to a different way of releasing energy.

Experiencing it firsthand, Tania was able to finally understand that all her pain was connected and that was when she learned about healing from the inside out. It was a whole(istic) approach to healing, mind, body, spirit. Because of her journey, Tania chose to help others struggling to find their way. Combining the practices of Reiki, Crystals, and Yoga together to create an enhanced healing experience. Through Tania’s personal course, she recognized that her role on this planet is to assist those searching for solace.

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