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Updated: Jul 27

Our flowers should be nurtured, admired, and protected from harsh, well, anything - men, uncomfortable clothing, bad thongs, and most important, tampons.

It is our job to take care of all aspects of our bodies, especially as women. I mean, it's the only one we get, so why not make it the best relationship and thing we take care of?

Why do we put ourselves on the back burner when it comes to real health and wellness?

If you get the inside right, then the outside will fall into place.

- Eckhart Tolle

If there was one BIG thing that women should start doing to take care of themselves better, from the inside out, it's get rid of any tampons that have aluminum, alcohol, fragrance, and hydrocarbons in them.

These chemicals are linked to causing cancer, toxic shock syndrome, hormonal changes, immune issues, and endometriosis.

The next time you go to purchase your tampon box, consider switching to one of these organic feminine brands.



Tampons, pads, cups, and liners. Made with care & organic cotton.

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Periods, sex, vaginal health.

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Designed to be the most comfortable and simple-to-use cup, possibly ever. The Cora Cup is a premium, ultra-soft, and sustainable alternative to pads and tampons.

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Lena was designed for an active modern user. You can dance, run, swim, ride a bike, and use your cup overnight. You can wear Lena Cup for up to 12 consecutive hours day & night.

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So, take care of your flower. It is a beautiful part of a women's body. It brings connection, pleasure, and is the only thing that can bring life into this world.

It is so powerful... and so are you!

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